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Introduction to collecting Mont Blanc Pens

Does your heart start beating faster when you hear someone talking about Mont Blanc pens? Do you have difficulty grasping air when seeing Hemingway Limited Edition? Do you consider Le Grand to be the main asset of your bureau? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Many people believe that fountain pens are remnants of the past and consider owners of classic writing instruments to be weird, to say the least. But connoisseurs know very well that a vintage pen in good condition is worth a ton of ballpoints, not speaking about drop-out BIC’s. Writing with a fountain pen is totally different from any other way of putting letters onto paper.

Probably that’s one of the reasons why in some English private schools fountain pens are still in use. Well, few students use Mont Blanc Meisterstuck right in their schooling years, but they sure get the experience most of us lack.

And when grown up, they will look for owning a superbly crafted Montblanc pen. Why?

I can give you several reasons to get a Mont Blanc right on the spot.

1. Writing comfort.
2. Aesthetics. Scribbling with a 30c pen ruins the whole idea of writing. Armani-clad, you can’t afford to get away with a cheap pen. While Mont Blanc perfectly suits T-shirts and jeans because of its accent.
3. Expressive penmanship. Writing letters is not just fun and romantic – it’s a pleasure for those who know how to enjoy it.
4. History. Holding a piece of art that reminds of hundreds of years of human history and contains the very spirit of creative writing… oh, that’s something that can’t be missed.
5. Heritage. Mont Blancs, just like any other precious writing instrument, are inherited and live long life (a hundred years actually is not a big deal for a superb quality art craft).
6. Investment. In the days when Doe Jones falls and banks plead for mercy, it is hard to think of any other reliable saving plan. Fountain pens don’t lose their value despite years passing by; quite vice versa, their price goes up as they get fewer in number. Mont Blanc Series pens are of special interest if you want to save money in spite of inflation. The company sets a strict policy on never producing additional stocks of the same series. Thus, Boheme Papillon or Cervantes, once sold out, are gone. The only way to get one is via auctions.
7. Sometimes Montblanc releases pen sets containing a fountain pen, a ballpoint and a pencil. Packed in a luxurious box, it makes an asset similar in value to cognacs produced at the beginning of the XXth century.

Collecting fountain pens is way more than just a hobby – it means leaving a trace in the history preserving the art of writing for future generations. So browse numerous articles to learn about the history of the pen maker, buying guides and reviews of Mont Blanc pens.